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Toasted Cheese

Our Seattle location has been doing toasted cheese sandwiches for a while now, and we decided to give it a try in our Bellevue location, as well! It's been a huge success, so we want to let the whole world know about it!

Now, if we did this every day, it wouldn't be special! So, here's the lay down:

Columbia Tower, Seattle does toasted cheese Thursdays

Key Center, Bellevue is lucky to offer these delicious sandwiches both Tuesdays and Thursdays!

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So many lunches, so little time.

We know variety is the spice of life, so here at City Soups, we have not only over 60 delicious soup selections, but also great sandwiches and salads.

Our 12, 16 or 24 ounce souper gives you even more choices.

Try a soup and sandwich, or a soup and main course salad combo - we take 10% off!

In a hurry? Take it to go, or enjoy a little time away from the office at our place.

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